Vortex SPC
The blower on the patented Vortex SPC spreader can be detached in a matter of seconds in order to remove excess granular product from driveways, sidewalks and the leaf surface of ornamental plant material. The Vortex SPC is designed to ship in one carton and assemble in minutes. This lightweight, wide wheel base unit is maneuverable in small spaces and is powerful enough to handle large areas.  Capacity up to 70lbs.
Unit weight is approx. 65 lbs. (Ships in 1 box, simple assembly)

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Vortex TR
The Vortex TR is a proven granular application system in the landscape, pest control, golf course and maintenance industry. The unit is configured to perform with the most difficult to apply materials. The Vortex TR is lightweight for use in utility vehicles, pickup trucks, boats and trailers. The unit has a large capacity hopper with a holding capacity of up to 250 lbs. to eliminate going back for additional product, reducing down time. The Vortex TR spreader will eliminate most hand application of granular products and deliver material evenly and efficiently into ornamental plant beds, apply ice melt onto sidewalks, driveways and staircases, golf course bunker faces, blueberry and other row crops and waterways. 12 volt Vibration Kit is standard on the Vortex TR.

250 lbs. Capacity

Vortex Granular Spreaders

Vortex SPX - Skid Mount Model
The Vortex SPX is fully assembled and shipped ready for use. This lightweight skid mount unit is powerful enough to handle large areas, and light enough for a small boat mount applications. The Vortex SPX has the same operating components as the larger Vortex TR , but with a smaller frame and material hopper with holding capacity of up to 70 lbs. Use the Vortex SPX in a utility vehicle, pickup truck, pull cart, wagon or boat. 12 Volt Vibration Kit is  standard on the Vortex SPX. Unit weight is approx. 90 lbs.